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Sweet Hart Inn?

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“True love conquers all—isn’t that why we read these books?”  Romancing the Book

"A fun and sexy novella set in a charming little town."

Special Agent Sam Jameson is having a bad week. People are trying to kill her.

That would be business as usual in the counterespionage world, except that it’s the good guys who have her in the crosshairs.

Why are the DC Metro police trying to kidnap her? Do her bosses at Homeland want her in a body bag, too?

And why does everyone she talks to seem to end up in the morgue?

Will a ruthless mercenary, a hapless American traitor, and a dead man’s cryptic clue hold the key to Sam’s survival? 

As the noose tightens around her neck, Sam must uncover a brutal and deadly conspiracy before she becomes its next victim.

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“...truly a sweet story ... could not put it down until I finished.”

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"...a perfect afternoon read when you just want to get lost."

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“Cute, sensual little taste of small town life.”

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All of My Heart will have you up, down, hot and cold, and maybe just a little bit desperate too!”

"...definitely worth picking up … perfect blend of lust & romance ... just what I was looking for!"

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“I love stories of past romances getting back together.”

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Discover the small town romance series fans call emotional and heartwarming.

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Life is perfect. Right?

When Suzie Hart inherited the lakeside Victorian cottage that would become Sweet Hart Inn, she imagined her life in Harbor Falls all planned out ahead of her. What she hadn’t planned on was Brad Matthews. 


Brad’s life quickly unraveled when Suzie disappeared months earlier—and no one was more surprised than he. Now that he’s found her again, he’s put in motion the perfect proposal to win her back. 


Suzie has other ideas. Can Brad alter his plan and keep Suzie in his life for good?